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Smart Manufacturing and Zero defect factory

Lean six sigma is a problem solving methodology based on measurements and it is the most used Statistical Process Control in the manufacturing to control quality and prevent failure. Today thanks to advanced analytics technology we are able to move from that SPC with batch processes and manually operation to a real time analysis for the continuous improvement of the plant.

Learn from this video how Wi-NEXT and IBM are making the manufacturing more smart and are helping the manufacturers to improve their decision-driving processes and implement their zero-defect factories.

Discover how a food processing company can increase productivity with Wi-NEXT

In the food processing industry, small changes in productivity equal large gains for the bottom line, and the typical investment required to achieve even a one-percent productivity increase, or cost savings, has an ROI measured in months or even in years.

Industrial IoT represents a huge opportunity for manufacturing industry and this is even more true in the food and beverage industry where the market is hyper competitive and there are very low profit margins.

Wi-NEXT’s IIoT solution combines big data techniques with advanced quality and process knowledge overlaid on traditional SPC methodologies. This innovative approach has the power to generate a significant impact on the capacity and productivity of a company’s processes.

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What Does the Market Says About Us?

Frost & Sullivan applauds the fact that
Wi-NEXT offers hardware with smaller footprint, lower initial costs,
and simpler deployment than many other competing solutions in the market

Frost & Sullivan

“They are young, their technology solution fills a “need-gaps”and they are
on the cusp of imminent break out”

ABI Research

Four things about Wi-NEXT are particularly notable:
“Easy to install with limited cost, scalable architecture, interoperability
and experience in their segments.”



Improving process efficiency and quality control even in highly automated or low-cost environments

Industrial IoT represents a huge opportunity to improve quality and process control systems while optimizing the life cycle of machines. Wi-NEXT helps manufacturers to save money and improve operating and quality efficiency by preventing failures and adjusting quality and processes in a way never seen before and with a clear and simple-to-understand return on investment.

Find out how the Wi-NEXT’s complete hardware and software solution makes industrial machines smarter through the complete management of 4 different steps: connection, data aggregation, analysis, and definition of action.

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Don’t miss the opportunity to modernize a legacy connected factory and increase the business value of the operation

For manufacturers, the ability to expand beyond point-to-point machine communications and control diverse protocols among small device cohorts presents numerous opportunities for business value improvement.

Discover how to manage the transition from a disjointed patchwork of connected machines to a cohesive network of devices and creative analytics that can help increase productivity, reduce costs, and improve value.


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