LNS Research recognizes Wi-NEXT IIoT Solution as an emerging sensors and analytics platform for manufacturing

At Wi-NEXT, we grow based on the continuous learning of business logic that guides the manufacturing market and on which we are building our product offerings and services for Industrial IoT. We strive to help our customers and our partners continuously optimize the performance of their machines across whole production facilities and subsequently, to increase revenues.

Our proposals are guided from the needs that we identify through careful application of methodologies for the analysis of business and production processes – and it is on this which we build the digital future for our customers.

Wi-NEXT strongly believes that to build the factory of the future it is necessary to know the reality, the language, the approach and the practical needs of the current market.

After receiving awards from Gartner, Frost & Sullivan and ABI Research, this week we announce LNS Research, one of the most important market analysis firms specializing in Smart Manufacturing. Their last blog post recognizes the value add not only of our technology offering but of our whole approach, enabling application innovation of IIoT solutions.

This is another confirmation for Wi-NEXT of the value of the path that we are building. We are sure this will continuously help manufacturers and vendors achieve improvement toincrease their competitiveness and profitability.