New Technologies Transform Legacy Assets Into Money Making Machines

As manufacturing evolved and adopted newer technologies, some of its capacity remained on legacy assets even on machines pre-dating the concept of remote connectivity.

There are millions of these vintage machines completely disconnected worldwide. They are “invisible” to the network and very expensive on the P&L.

Besides connecting the “invisible” machines, the Wi-NEXT solution has the capacity to handle the ever-increasing data transmission via its broadband Wi-Fi infrastructure. Big data is also moving to the factory floor, with more sophisticated machines and an ever-increasing “thirst” for real-time management data.

This data needs to be collected, analyzed and “cause” a physical action on the factory floor.

Wi-NEXT’s Wi-STREAMS™ Platform has great potential to improve reliability of machines, quality control and process efficiency even in highly automated environments, or in challenging low-cost environments with a high ROI, due to our low initial cost and simple deployment.

It connects industrial machines and sensors at the edge, collects their data, makes advanced analysis and defines actions to optimize the business performance of a single machine or of an entire factory floor. It puts big data and IIoT to work to impact productivity and efficiency in a way never before possible.



Why wait for failure?

According to a research report from Roland Berger Strategic Consultants, only 22% of maintenance managers are happy with their current maintenance programs and one in every three dollars spent on preventative maintenance is estimated to be wasted.

And this is even more critical if we consider the today’s competitive business environment and thin margins: plants simply can’t afford to wait for critical equipment to fail before making repairs.

The best standard for effective maintenance is a predictive approach that guides decisions about production assets. It monitors each asset’s condition to determine its fitness for continued operation.

By using IIoT, the application of advanced predictive maintenance solutions enables the operator to define maintenance cycles based on specific conditions in the machine and carried out maintenance activities as the machines are running in their normal production without the need to shut down the operation – all while saving an impressive amount of time and money.

Main Benefits

  • Minimize machine down time by nearly 50%
  • Shrink maintenance costs by 15%+
  • Lengthen machine life
  • Increase safety
  • Create new services to generate additional revenues

Wi-NEXT provides a complete hardware and software solution to connect industrial machinery to advanced analytics in the Cloud and on-premise to allow manufacturers to significantly improve asset utilization and efficiency, decrease lead time, and improve profitability.

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Use Big Data and IIoT to Harmonize Quality Processes

Quality control is a set of procedures intended to guarantee that a manufactured product complies a defined set of quality criteria and meets the requirements that can satisfy the needs of the customer.

Many manufacturers have already expended a significant amount of money and resources to harmonize core processes and connect across functions, but a significant number of companies still struggle with disconnected quality management processes and disparate systems across engineering, quality and manufacturing.

This undoubtedly dramatically limits their ability to continuously monitor and improve quality.

To be successful, organizations will need to accelerate their quality management maturity efforts and harmonize quality processes by using a quality-related IoT and big data initiatives.

Wi-NEXT delivers an edgeware solution with all the components for industrial-grade IIoT applications (connectivity, transfer protocols, data storage, security and analysis) to help quality management managers to improve their decision-driving processes by making performance data available in real-time and enabling the professional to adjust quality in a way never seen before and with a clear and simple-to-understand return on investment.

Wi-NEXT Predictive and Quality Analytics includes not only traditional statistical process control (SPC), but also sophisticated algorithms that can help companies to predict where, when and why asset failures are likely to occur as well as flag early identification of poor quality issues.

The value of advanced analytics for quality and process control is clearly evident in this example, and further outlined in the chart below:


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Take Control of Plant Efficiency

Manufacturing process control is a set of systems and software that control production processes. Control systems include sensors, networked equipment and data processing to analyze the generated data and take control of the efficiency of the plant.

Most often, plant floors are simply connected through legacy systems but not integrated with value-added applications that allow for automatic processing of the collected data.

This forces manufacturers to process the data in different and separated stages, frequently with manual processes, with evident inefficiencies in the decision-making processes and considerable repercussions on production.

In particular, the Fast Moving Goods and the Food Service industries (due to their very low margins), need not only a thorough understanding of the quality and safety status of their entire product process, but to have total control of the process over it as well.

Wi-NEXT bring a tremendous opportunity for manufacturers to move from simple connectivity to true Internet-based integration with enterprise-grade applications providing a wealth of new data that can be collected, analyzed and acted upon to significantly improve asset availability and performance.

From ice cream to coffee, bottling to packaging, Wi-NEXT provides a complete hardware and software solution able to gather and analyze data to transform Big Data into actionable intelligence to optimize the efficiency, productivity and profitability of production processes.

Main Benefits

  • Facilitating visibility in operations
  • Gathering and analyzing data from physical & environmental sensors
  • Improving OEE coefficient
  • Enabling proactive asset management
  • Strengthening machine lifecycle and optimizing production cycle

Wi-STREAMS™ is a complete and powerful edgeware solution that allows manufacturers to make their machines smarter thanks to a very simple-to-understand value proposition and high ROI, representing a huge opportunity both for vendors of machines and manufacturers in industries with very low margins (such as Fast Moving Goods and Food Service).

Our Wi-NEXT Wi-STREAMS™ Platform helps manufacturers to improve process efficiency and quality control even in highly automated environments, usually a plant floor, or in challenging low-cost environments, for example at Point of Sale, with a high ROI due to the low initial cost and simple deployment.

Read the Use Case

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