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Wi-NEXT is a multi-award winning Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Solution Provider delivering complete hardware and software solutions that collect data from machines and sensors, and use analytics and machine learning to identify inefficiencies and offer operational actions.

Wi-NEXT brings a tremendous opportunity for manufacturers to move from simple connectivity to true Internet-based integration with enterprise-grade applications, providing a wealth of new data that can be collected, analyzed and acted upon to significantly improve asset availability and performance.

Wi-NEXT A4 Platform is a complete and powerful edgeware solution that allows manufacturers to make their machines smarter thanks to a very simple-to-understand value proposition and high ROI, representing a huge opportunity both for vendors of machines and manufacturers in industries with very low margins such as Fast Moving Goods.

The Wi-NEXT A4 Platform helps manufacturers to improve process efficiency and quality control even in highly automated environments, usually a plant floor, or in challenging low-cost environments, for example at Point of Sale, with a high ROI due to the low initial cost and simple deployment.



In 2008, IBM set a bold agenda for a Smarter Planet, a global movement built by infusing instrumentation, interconnection and intelligence into the systems that drive human progress and economic growth. The Internet of Things (IoT) provides an iconic example of the immense potential contained within a Smarter Planet.

“At IBM, we believe there are two primary ways that enterprises and entrepreneurs can take full advantage of the transformational opportunities the Internet of Things representsthe invention of new IoT products or services, and the optimization of business operation to deliver new services, upset longstanding business models, and find new and radical ways to connect people to the world around them.”
John Thompson, vice president of Strategy, Internet of Things

Wi-NEXT and IBM® have joined forces to offer a unique IIoT proposition to help manufacturers improve their decision-driving processes. By making performance data available in real-time, plant management professionals save money and improve operating and quality efficiency by preventing failures and adjusting quality and processes in a way never seen before and with a clear and simple-to-understand return on investment.


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Cisco is the global technology leader transforming the way people connect, communicate and collaborate. Its mission is to shape the future of the Internet, creating the maximum value and the greatest opportunities for society, its customers, employees, investors and partners.

The company, led by CEO Chuck Robbins, was founded in 1984; it is headquartered in San Jose, California, and employs about 72,000 people worldwide with revenue of approximately 48.7 billion (FY2016). For its 30+ years of history, Cisco has been at the center of the evolution of network technologies. Today Cisco is the company that offers solutions, services and business architectures to enable digital transformation of our world, with technologies that connect everything together, realizing what was never possible before.

Wi-NEXT and Cisco Italy have collaborated to present to the FMCG market a joint IIoT solution. This best of breed solution helps manufacturers boost their businesses by leveraging factory digitization to securely collect data from the plant floors and analyze that data for earlier asset faults or quality issue detection.



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