The Low Power SmartNode is an innovative multifunctional Low Power Wi-Fi appliance able to monitoring different telemetry parameters of machinery and equipment through the creation of a Wi-Fi mesh of sensors network.


Major functionalities:

Real-time monitoring of power consumption

Monitoring of the on/off status

Temperature monitoring

Ip Switch on/off

Interfacing with external sensors

MQTT protocol support

Embedded Web Interface

“Over The Air” ubgradable firmware


One of the main application scenario is the remote control of industrial machinery, and the definition of a preventive maintenance plan to significantly optimize the costs of management and prevent faults.

In fact, the misured data can be sent to a third parties application control in cloud through a mesh network connected to the multiprotocol gateway Springmole an Hub for networks of sensors and actuators Wireless.



Major features:

Self-diagnostic board temperature sensor

Power consumption sensor with optional relais

Overcurrent protection

1x TTL UART on expansion connector

1x I2C bus on expansion connector


Optional features:

• Wall Plug form factor
• Ambient sensors (temperature+humidity+light)
• 4x General Purpose I/O (GPIOs)
• 1x microUSB Device interface