What is Springmole

Springmole is a OEM family equipments, completely designed and manufactured in Italy, for applications of wired/wireless custom networking. Springmole is also a community dedicated to developers all over the world.

Why Springmole

The Springmole project arises from R&D team of Wi-Next always characterized by a strong propensity to applied research inherited from the origins of start-up from the Politecnic of Turin.
The decision to provide Springmole comes from the lack, on the OEM market, of a innovative and open product that would enable the community of developers, researchers, integrators, or enthusiasts, to connect to the IP network, Wired or Wireless, your own solutions for example for building automation, sensors, home automation, etc.

The guidelines which have guided from the beginning the design of Springmole were:

• Implement an open, modular solution for the easy integration of addon and specialized cards, not limited to only Network to Network aspect
• a solution be OpenWrt compatible
• support enterprise-level features as 802.3af or 802.1x
• define a compact form factor to fit the various embedded solutions
• serve as the basis for a new concept of Green Networking broadband components
• use Qualcomm Atheros, to ensure an high technological standard given by a technological leader universally recognized and with a range of very articulate products

Who is the audience?

• The integrators who want to offer a solid, flexible and customizable solution
• To schools, universities, research centers, such as support to the teaching and the embodiment of prototypal solutions and projects
• For enthusiasts of Hardware /Firmware/Software wanting to develop their ideas and require performance of networking wired/wireless without compromise
• To the OpenWrt community

What can you do

The Springmole project wants to be an enabler of ideas and projects. Can be intended as the hub (concentrator) of standard and custom technologies in which the logical interconnection are completely free.
From the implementation of an Access Point to that of a Multiradio Bridge, passing through applications of sensors and control.
The R&D team of SpringMole intends to fully support the community through ongoing platform updates, constant updates of the support documentation but especially urging the community itself to be an active part of the development of possible enterprise level applications. The project Springmole is not only a OEM family of equipments but wants to be an enabling platform of new businesses and facilitator of new ideas to propose to the market.

For more informations download the Data Sheet