Food Processing:
Increase Productivity with Wi-NEXT IIoT Solution

In the food processing industry, small changes in productivity equal large gains for the bottom line. The investment to achieve even a one-percent productivity increase and cost saving is relevant in many manufacturing industries: for example, baked goods.

In this manufacturing use case, we will take a closer look at how an IIoT solution can improve the efficiency of food processing manufacturing by examining a manufacturer’s implementation and returns of the Wi-NEXT IIoT solution.

You will take away additional insight as to how a food treatment manufacturers’ specific requirements for IIoT are considered and ROI achieved, plus a better understanding of the benefits of IIoT in general and from Wi-NEXT’s IIoT solution, combining data mining with advanced quality and process knowledge in addition to traditional SPC methodology.

By putting in place the steps outlined, it will have a significant impact on the capacity of food manufacturers to make changes in food manufacturing process productivity.

Download the use case now to learn more about how the Wi-NEXT IIoT solution can benefit food processors and manufacturers to increase productivity today.

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