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An impressive list of IIoT applications is growing exponentially by the minute. This offers enterprises the chance to deliver new applications to optimize the OEE and support deployments, even with a huge number of endpoints per plant, by providing real-time analytics that help enterprises capture, understand, and make more effective use of their machinery.

Everyday manufacturers are evolving the use of IIoT applications, but there are still millions, if not billions, of valuable machines completely disconnected.

Our Offer

Wi-NEXT offers a complete family of Industrial-Grade End Node appliances which are able to create an intelligent network to easily connect a wide range of new and retrofitted industrial machines to the Internet using analog and digital ports (Power Plug, RS485, RS232, Ethernet) and different communication protocol (ModBus, CanBus, etc.).

With Wi-NEXT’s End Node products, we have created a new generation of Wi-Fi appliances that allow the easy addition of data analytics and turn machines into software assets that can be easily monitored and controlled.

The Wi-NEXT End Nodes are part of the Wi-STREAMS™ Platform that ensure the creation of a reliable and secure wireless network infrastructure for robust connectivity of machines and sensors, while providing intelligence in the Cloud and on the edge to analyze data and make the right informed decision.



End Node Digital is an intelligent industrial device that connect a huge variety of industrial machines via digital ports, such as RS485 and RJ45, collect data with diff erent industrial protocols, such as CANBus, ModBus and OPC-UA and stream the data in a secure and reliable way to centralized analytics platform.


End Node Sensor is a modular industrial device to connect a huge variety of sensors.
Thanks to the expansion bus port it is possible to scale up to 8 diff erent modules to connect Digital and Analog I/O, Vibration Sensors, PT100, Zigbee and Bluetooth sensors, etc.


The End Node Power is a rugged industrial grade, multi-functional low-power Wi-Fi device, able to connect analog retrofitted machinery via the power supply plug to monitor the power consumption and stream the data to the application on Cloud and premise via a robust and agile Wi-Fi Mesh network.



Predictive Maintenance

  • IoT Vertical: Food processing
  • Client: Large manufacturer of food processing and preserving machines with more than 100,000 units installed in large scale retail centers
  • Problem: Client needs a viable solution to monitor their machines in retail center and define the predictive maintenance activities in order to prevent breakdowns; client wants to sell to its customers a pre-paid maintenance service via its newly formed service division
  • Solution: Wi-NEXT offered a system capable of measuring the power consumption and the temperature of each machine and stream the data to a centralized analytics engine for predictive maintenance; also able to remotely disconnect the machine in case of a hazard
  • Outcome: New measurements and analytics are deployed; client has begun to sell to its customers the pre-paid maintenance service via its newly formed service division

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Fast Moving Consumer Goods:
Quality Control

  • IoT Vertical: Pharma
  • Client: Producer of glass container for a liquid drug, so the quality of containers is extremely critical
  • Problem: A significant number of containers are “non-conforming” (fail QA) after the lacquering process

  • Solution: With Wi-NEXT End Node Digital, client connects and collects data about temperature variations and excessive vibrations, and through analytics application, adjusts in near real-time the cooling system settings and the production line speed to reduce sources of non conformance
  • Outcome: 2% extra productivity from reduced number of defective containers, better process parameter knowledge

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