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Every edge counts in the world of manufacturing. In a highly competitive global market with new industry dynamics, the continuous reduction of marginality pushes manufacturers to rethink their manufacturing operations to increase profitability, quality of products and make customers more satisfied and loyal.

Small changes in productivity equal large gains for the bottom line. The investment to achieve even a one-percent productivity increase and cost savings is relevant in many manufacturing industries – in particular in fast moving consumer goods and foodservice industries.

The ability to monitor asset performance and communicate that data to other systems significantly changes the way these assets can be managed and maintained. The possibility to retrofit older assets (invisible assets) to gather asset performance data and the capability to combine new and old data with analytics-driven insight will give to manufacturers the degree of flexibility and decision-making capability they need to deal with increasing market complexity and demand variability.

Wi-NEXT Predictive and Quality Analytics

Wi-NEXT Predictive and Quality Analytics solution uses advanced algorithms and business intelligence technologies to help manufactures rise to the challenge with better business insight, planning and performance. This big data analysis is changing the way we do business – and impacting the bottom line.


Wi-NEXT Predictive and Quality Analytics includes not only traditional statistical process control (SPC), but also sophisticated algorithms that can help companies to predict where, when and why asset failures are likely to occur as well as flag early identification of poor quality issues.

With Wi-NEXT Predictive and Quality Analytics, manufacturers can better understand asset performance and product quality and they will be able to:

  • Significantly minimize machine downtime
  • Optimize production
  • Predict quality issues (low false-alarm rate)
  • Avoid or minimize costly failures – and help planning/budgeting teams with upcoming event information
  • Prevent warranty claims and increase customer satisfaction
  • Reduce inventory costs associated to stockouts and overstocks

Wi-NEXT Predictive and Quality Analytics Main Features


  • Conduct real-time monitoring of assets and processes
  • Collect, integrate, analyze, and report streaming information
  • Orchestration of events and services for efficient processing
  • Leverage descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics, as well as data and text mining
  • Utilize menu-driven interfaces without the need for any programming to create predictive models
  • Asset health modeling based on real-time event data – measurements, logs, alarms, repair history
  • Product anomaly detection detects product uniformity issues and outliers providing lot inspection recommendations
  • Utilize the Decision Management methodology and optimize decisions at the point of impact, balancing resource and costs constraints 

  • Combine asset and process business rules of the organization to enhance decisions 

  • Conduct “what-if” simulations to accommodate changing operational conditions
  • Provide optimized decisions directly to decision-makers
  • Stream data from many sources for data aggregation

  • APIs for integration and customization
  • Quickly expand included content for specific industry and business applications
  • Integrate directly with Enterprise Asset Management systems Business Process Management or other services
  • Monitor status and quickly address areas of concern
  • Conduct self-service query, reporting and analysis from virtually any data source
  • Leverage the drag-and-drop studio environment to provide real-time views
  • Experience insight wherever needed with mobile capabilities
  • Drill-down into data for additional insight
  • Business user interface for master data entry and modification
  • Leverage easy-to-install, pre-configured software and content stack
  • Utilize out-of-the-box data source connectors and models, dashboards, and reports to reduce the need for additional services
  • Quickly expand included content for specific industry and business applications 

Wi-NEXT Predictive and Quality Analytics Solution Packages





Real-time devices monitoring to understand current conditions
Monitor operational processes to track progress
Monitor environmental conditions
Apply and manage rules to identify issue
Automate actions when issues arise
Visualize data and status
Monitor and manage the End Node remotely


Real-time device status
Detect quality issues and improve operational processes
Prevent asset failure
Predictive maintenance
Collect and process data from a variant of assets, in various locations
Remotely access and manage assets
Advanced dashboard to visualize data


Real-time device status
Detect quality issues and improve operational processes
Prevent asset failure
Predictive maintenance
Advanced dashboard to visualize data
Integrate that data into existing enterprise IT system or to a custom dashboard
Behind the firewall

The Wi-NEXT Predictive and Quality Analytics Solution is developed in strong partnership with IBM®.

Wi-NEXT and IBM® have joined forces to offer a unique IIoT proposition to help manufacturers improve their decision-driving processes. By making performance data available in real-time, plant management professionals save money and improve operating and quality efficiency by preventing failures and adjusting quality and processes in a way never seen before and with a clear and simple-to-understand return on investment.



Quality Control

  • IoT Vertical: Food dispensing
  • Client: The company is a market leader in the production of machines for food dispensing with an international presence at major fast food retailer operations (McDonald’s, Burger King, KFC, etc. )
  • Problem: Customer needs a small footprint solution to provide connectivity to its analytics platform worldwide based on a no SIM open standard technology
  • Solution: Wi-NEXT’s solution monitors the status of the machines and connects them easily to the centralized data center for data analytics
  • Outcome: A significant reduction of communication cost and of maintenance of the communication modem, plus optimizing the capability to aggregate data and display locally
Read Use Case


Fast Moving Consumer Goods:
Process Control

  • IoT Vertical: Food industry
  • Client: A medium size manufacturer of baked products with an automated production line for cookies
  • Problem: Client wants improve line productivity by at least 1% and also optimize raw material inventory management
  • Solution: Using Wi-NEXT’s End Node family of products, the client collects the proper data from machines to prevent and reduce microstoppages, plan for cleaning, and prepare packaging materials
  • Outcome: 2% line efficiency
Read Use Case

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